Dominic Miller Questionnaire: January 2001

The following questionnaire was done in January 2001 by Siri Elaine and Heidi Rawle:

Out of all the music you have written, so you have a song that is your favorite?

My favorite song I've written is "Eclipse"

How many guitars do you own and out of them which do you enjoy playing the most?

I have about forty guitars. My favorites are the '61 Fender Stratocaster and my classical which is a Rodrigues.

Do you modify the pickups or amplifiers to make your own sound?

I don't change the pick-ups or modify the amps. That's because I choose carefully so there's no need.

Who has had the most influence on you playing the guitar?

Hendrix is my biggest influence.

Being the title of your song, "Otis," was it named after your son? Do you ever foresee it being released on an album?

"Otis" is names after my son and was released on a guitar compilation album about ten years ago called "Guitar Speak" on IRS records.

Out of all the concerts you have played, what are the top three best gigs you ever had?

Having done over a thousand gigs it's hard to name my favorites. But I'll try. Marseilles '96 on Mercury Falling tour, Madrid '91 on Soul Cages tour and probably Central Park NY 2000 on this tour. (and of course Salt Lake City....ha ha)

After being on stage so many times, do you ever get nervous?

I do still get a bit nervous before going on stage. I don't trust myself if I don't. Nerves are good for you because they create an electric energy. Nerves combined with good preparation is the perfect combination.

What is your favorite that has occurred at a concert?

The best thing that has happened to me at a concert was in Japan when I saw a sign saying "Dominic You Touch Me." Presumably referring to my first album.

Has Sting ever had to cancel a show because you were sick?

Sting has never canceled a gig because of my sickness.

You and Sting have been friends for some time, like most friendships there must be tense moments, does Sting win or do you win? Is there freedom of speech? Or does Sting take it personally?

I am very good friends with Sting. We don't tend to argue although we did once over a game of chess. We didn't agree on the "en-passant" rule.

Who is your favorite band?

I don't have a favorite band, but some are The Beatles, Nirvana and Eminem.

How many children do you have? What is their name and ages?

I have four kids. Rufus 15, Otis 14, Harley 8, and Misty 6.

Who is your top three all time favorite guitarists?

My top three guitarists are Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

Does your family ever come and watch you play at concerts?

My family do come to concerts sometimes and they really enjoy it. They hang out with me backstage which I like. 


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