Dominic Miller Questionnaire: January 2002

The following questionnaire was done January 10, 2002 by Heidi Rawle.
When you would play "Fill Her Up," during the Brand New Day Tour, you and Sting would talk in the middle of it... what was it you talked about?
We didn't talk about anything in particular. Sting was just humming the riff trying to make me giggle.
What was your top three gigs during the Brand New Day tour?
Top three gigs would have to Bercy in Paris, Caracas in Venezuela, and Central Park in NY. Oh and let's not forget Salt Lake City!!!
Who is your best friend?
My best friend is Charles Olins. I've known him since I was 14. He's a musician who does film music. He's my most objective critic. I always play him my new material and he's always honest which can be hard sometimes. He's very funny and intelligent. He's Misty's Godfather and loves all the kids which makes him tops for me.
If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
Peace of mind.
What is your favorite Sting song?
"I Burn for You" which we don't play sadly. We did it years ago in Chile and Uruguay on my first tour in 1990. I loved it then and still do.
If you could play an instrument, other than the guitar, what would it be?
I'd love to be fluent on the piano. It's similar to guitar in that it's a chordal instrument and I love playing with harmony. Just listening to Kenny Kirkland or Jason Rebello is enough to see why.
What do you think about the September 11th attacks?
Sadness. Anger. Fear. Love for America.
Who do you get along with the best in Sting's band?
Kipper for being funny and animated ALL the time. If I am in a moody he's the only one who can snap me out of it. He's a great guy. Manu for relating and sympathizing with my "moodies".
Who was the first band you ever played with?
My sister's band called "Quicksand" when I was 8. I was playing maracas and got fired. I never got over the rejection which is probably why I'm doing what I'm doing now.
At what age did your sister teach you to play the guitar? (Was it Julie who was there in the Isle of Wight?)
Julie taught me when I was around 8. The first song being "Yellow Submarine". It was Catharine in the Isle of Wight. (well done for spelling Wight the right way)
Do you like having your hair short or long?
I like having it long because it looks and feels wild and short because it's more manageable and makes me think more clearly. I do like changing it every few years. The truth is Sting told me in Hyde Park "whatever you do Dominic don't cut your hair until we've done the live album in September." That's what made me want to cut it so I did.
Did you ever have a job when you were growing up?
My first job was when I was 13 working on a ferry going up and down a river opening and closing the locks and selling postcards to the old age pensioners who I got on really well with. My next straight job was being a chauffeur in London when I was 19. The trouble was I didn't know my way around London but soon found out. That was a good job because I needed the money which was good. I did it for a few months and have been a professional musician ever since.
Where or what is your favorite place in England?
In England it would have to be London. I couldn't live anywhere else. In Britain I would say County Clare in Ireland.
Will you go on tour in the US with your new album or the Tweeters?
Hopefully. We don't know yet.
What was it like for you to play with Jeff Beck at the Hyde Park concert?
It was a great honour to be on the same stage as Jeff Beck. I've always been a fan. It was weird having your idol opening though.
Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
County Clare. Actually, just being home because I'm not here that much.
What was your most disliked subject in school? What was your favorite?
I hated all sciences (although I am more interested now). I liked history because it was about real people doing all kinds of crazy things.
Why did you play at your old school in Racine? Was there others that played there also?
I played there because I was asked and they feel proud to have me as an alumni. They're good people and it's good to give something back.
What kind of music does the Tweeters plat? Does anyone sing?
We play all kinds of music. I'd like to call it a power acoustic trio. There's no vocals but we do talk to the audience and have a few laughs.
What do you think about Asylum splitting up and Rufus making a new band?
I think it was a matter of time. They were limited with that style of vocals (which doesn't mean I don't like it). It's good for Rufus and co. to set themselves new challenges.
Did you go to any of Asylum's gigs?
I haven't been to any gigs because I've always been doing them myself at the same time. It's strange because while I was playing in an arena I'd be thinking about my kid and his band playing their gig.
If you could eat any meal in the world, what would it be?
I still really like Indian food. Or Lebanese. What makes a meal is the company your in.
Did you care for Sting's music before you met him?
Not really although I liked the Police when they came on the radio. I didn't like the solo stuff at first but do now. When he gave me the job I went our and bought his albums.
If you could meet three people in history, living or dead, who would they be?
J.S. Bach, Picasso and Jesus Christ.
Out of all the tours, which one was the hardest?
The last one differently. It was too long and I missed my kids terribly.
Who has been your greatest support?
That's a tough one to answer because touring can feel like your quite isolated. No one really "supports" you because everyone else is trying to deal with it. But if there was anyone I could talk to in a real time of need or crisis it would be Kipper.

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