Dominic Miller Fan Q & A

The following questions were asked by fans in November 2001 and then answered by Dominic Miller. If you would like to ask anymore questions, please send them to

Q: Are you going to tour solo or with another band, and if you do please come to Chicago!? I live within a few miles of Racine, Wis. in Gurnee, IL. You spent a little time in Racine as a child. What memory if any do you have of it? Jacqueline.

A: Jacqueline: I have just started working on my new solo album. I think it might be ready by February or March. I am also working on new material with the tweeters (Manu, Pino, and myself). We did some gigs in Slovakia and the Check Republic which went really well. We're doing another one in Toulouse (France) later this month. I will be playing in Racine, Wisconsin (at my old school prairie) on November the 17th. I have fond memories of Racine. Mainly the feeling of being in America. I love the mid-west. People are kind and warm hearted. Chicago is my favorite American City.

Q: I have two questions: Does Dominic plan any shows or Tweeter shows in the US? What is Dominic's favorite yoga asana and what style of yoga does he practice? Aileen.

A: Aileen: There are no plans yet to do Tweeters concerts in America. We are working on it. We want to finish the album first. I practice ashtanga yoga. My favorite part being the salutations. And of course when it's all over.

Q: I'd like to know if there were anyone, living or dead, that he could play with, who would it be and why? Heather.

A: Heather: It would have to be J.S. Bach. Just to jam with him or have him show me a few riffs (which after all, is what they are). I've dreamt of meeting and playing with him.

Q: Are you going to perform with Sting on the German "Wetten dass?" show in Boeblingen on the 17th of November? And is there any chance to watch you play anywhere in Europe soon, at least in 2002? Gitte.

A: Gitte: I won't be playing in Germany on the 17th because I will be doing a solo concert in America. 2002 has a lot of exciting projects. Solo album, Tweeters album, solo and tweeters concerts, session work and best of all, being with my kids.

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