First Touch 


First Touch was Dominic Miller's first solo album which was released in 1995.

The following are the tracks that are on the album:


Do You Want Me

February Sun

Rush Hour

La Boca

Looking For
Buenos Aries
Ten Years
Last Dance

The following information was taken from Dominic Miller's official web site. The interview was done by Oliver Hosken in 1995.

Why I've done this album

I've been talking about my solo album for the last 15 years! I think I've finally cracked it now. A lot of people wanted me to do an album, and I wanted to, so I tried all sort of things, from heavy rock to pop songs. Then one day, it just suddenly occurred to me that I'm here to play guitar, so I started playing about six hours a day and I came up with eleven songs, which I recorded. Eight of the songs are just me, on guitar and the three others... stuff about Mike and the drummer.

How it was put together

I did this stuff at home. I like to work in a relaxed atmosphere. I spend so much time on the road - I've done more than 400 gigs with Sting over the past five years, so my home time with Judy and the kids is really precious. I work at the top of the house in the spare room - you'll see that the studio credited on the sleeve notes is The Spare Room which is the only room in the house where the kids aren't allowed free rein, and that's simply because I don't want to have to spend hours resetting my mixing desk - and cleaning the jam off it!

About the images

The cover image on the album shows how home life and work have come together on this album. Sasha Grusov, who took the photographs for the album, was taking some straightforward hand shots while I was playing. My daughter Misty, who was just starting to walk, came tottering over the way little kids do, and put her hand up to the fret board. Anyone who knows kids, will know that it is impossible to pose a shot like that. Sasha grabbed it and froze it in time. First Touch, right?


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