Our Trip to England


Siri Dominic Heidi Harley Aug. 2001 Group singing at Isle of WightGroup at the Ilse of Wight. August 2001

On July 26, 2001, we got the opportunity to go to England for two weeks. This was a very exciting moment for us because we were able to see so many neat things. I had already been there before but it was Siri's first timMiles Rufus Nick Roland at Miles' housee so it was truly a fun time! We had been promised by our father that he would take us to the last concert of Sting's Brand New Day tour no matter where it was! Well it just so happened that it was supposedly to end at Hyde Park in London! So we worked the whole summer and earned the money that would be needed to go. We were lucky enough to seats on the fifth row at the concert on July 28th... the next night wasn't as good but it was still wonderful! Our Dad, Roger; our other sister, Ingrid; and our cousin,  Diane; came along with us to England. We stayed with our friends Joan and Marc Thomas. Joan is one of the kindest people I know. We had so much fun staying with them!

July 28th was the best day for Siri and I. The Sting concert was held at the Route of the Kings in Hyde Park... it was a beautiful place. We were able to meet two ladies who had started out the Police's first fan club!Danny & Nick at Asylum's band practiceLucas, Tom, Elenore, Misty, Otis, Ingrid, & Siri at the Isle of Wight It had been quite a hot day but it cooled down when Sting's show began. Siri, Ingrid, and I had made a poster to get Dominic's attention... It read, "DOMINIC IS HOT!" We had told Dominic that we would be there and to look for our poster.... We had never actually met him so we were thrilled that we might finally get the chance. (Siri and I have liked Dominic ever since he started playing for Sting and that is when we were around 8 years old!). We never thought we would ever even get the chance of seeing him so close because all the other concerts we had gone to, we were up in the nosebleed section! Dominic saw us quite soon after the gig had began... he waved at us! We about died because he actually knew who we were!!!! The concert was so wonderful... I didn't want it to end!! Every song was so good... they had perfected every note. The whole band had so much energy... it was so neat! On the side of the stage, we saw Misty in her  tie-dye dress dancing and watching her father play... she was so cute! After the concert ended, there was a huge firework show, so we stayed a while longer and watched it. Then the most shocking thing occurred... Dominic and Misty came out from backstage to talk to us! We thought we had died and gone to heaven! It was so awesome! Dominic was so kind! It was so thrilling to talk to him. For those who have met him, I'm sure you can agree, Dominic is such a kind and genuine person. He is so normal and really cared about us! We were able to get our pictures taken with him and Misty.... it was truly an enjoyable moment for us all! We were so blessed to meet him!

The next week, Siri and I got the chance of going to Rufus Miller and his friend's band practice. At the time, the were called Asylum and the band consisted of Rufus Miller (guitarist), Roland Cohen (Singer/screamer!), Miles Davison (drummer), Danny Fulcher (Bassist), and Nick Day (Singer). Their friend Tom Briggs was also there. They played several songs and we were able to film and take pictures of them. They all were so funny and cool. It was a great time.

 Roland, Rufus, Miles, Tom, Nick                                                                                                                                   



Siri, Heidi, Dominic, Roger, Misty, Ingrid at Hyde Park!

Not only was it cool to go to the Sting concerts but we also got to see many of the famous sites in London. Our parents had lived in London several years ago, actually that's where they met, so we were able to see where they had been. Siri and I became really good friends with Marc and Peter ( they were the people we stayed with). We had a blast!!!

Towards the end of our trip, we were invited to go see Dominic and his family. They were on holiday down in the Isle of Wight, so we took a train and spent a day with them. It was such an awesome experience! We were able to meet all of Dominic's children and their friends, and also Dominic's parents and one of his sisters. They all were so kind and made us feel as though we had always known them. Once again we were able to take tons of pictures and film quite a bit of everyone. Harley had everyone entered into a ping-pong tournament... it was a lot of fun!  We had a barbecue with hamburgers and hotdogs. After, Dominic played his guitar for us!!! Wow! That was awesome! Siri and I kept looking at each other wondering if it was all real! Dominic gave me one of his guitar picks... that was so neat. Before we left, we all gathered in the small kitchen and sang while Dominic's dad, Barney, played the guitar.  Dominic's whole family was so nice. His children are so cool! Rufus and Otis are really neat. Dominic was so kind... he even drove us back to the train station when we had to leave. That was a day I'm sure none of us will ever forget! 

Our two week trip to England was one of the best moments in our life. We were able to see so much and meet such wonderful people. I am so thankful I got the honor of meeting Dominic Miller and his family and friends. It was so great!

  Tom Briggs and Miles Davison

Harley with the ping-pong results

Group at Ilse of Wight singing

Miles Davison playing the drums

Nick, Miles, Heidi, Roland, & Siri

Rob being covered with rocks on the beach

Siri, Nick, Mile, Rufus, Roland, & Heidi

Asylum in the trees! :)




Tom Briggs

Hot Rufus playing the guitar




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