The following review was written by Jacqueline Henderson for Dominic's solo concert at his old school in Racine, Wisconsin.

Racine, Wisconsin Nov. 17, 2001

It is wonderful to see Dominic rocking to Stings beautiful songs and it is equally wonderful to see him solo. I had the good luck of being able to go to Dominic Miller's concert in Racine, WI. a town he spent some short years in. Dominic quietly took the stage and picked up his guitar. With quick and agile fingers he began to play songs from his first and second solo albums. They were wonderfully clear, resonant and tonic for the soul. The songs sounded even better than on the albums, and had the quality to transcend your spirit. He also played a new song from his upcoming album. It is Venezuelan in sound and has a great South American rhythm which changes into almost sort of a lullaby. It was one of my favorites. I am sure we are all in for a treat with the upcoming album. Midway through the show Dominic joked with the audience and made reference to some friends in the crowd. It was nice to get a taste of his charming personality. He played some Bach and explained how important it has been to his development as a musician and always will be. We also heard some old time Sting favorites like Fragile and Fields of Gold and also Dominic's co-written song Shape of My Heart. Dominic's fans continue to increase. My mother who has always liked contemporary rock and jazz has become a Dominic Miller fan. She can't wait for his new album. It was a wonderful show and as always, when Dominic is playing you don't want it to end. But all good things must come to an end. So we must all hope that we will get to see plenty more shows soon with Dominic. Keep touring and rock on Dominic!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter Chloe, asked me, "If you had to choose one of these abilities to give up, which one would it be seeing, hearing or speaking?" For both of us it was easy to decide. We both chose speaking. Not being able to hear would truly be a loss, knowing how beautiful passionate and uplifting music can be. I would really miss it. I would like to thank Dominic and all of the other brilliant musicians and song writers like Sting for sharing their talents with the world. Especially in times like now, when peace and love are not a given, music is such a healing and powerful outlet. Thank-you Dominic and never stop sharing your music.

~ Jacqueline Henderson

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